What we do

What we do

What we do

Our Sustainability

We know that sustainability and corporate responsibility are part of our business practice. Our goal and commitments are helping our farmers and communities we work. We make sure that accountability is taken in generations to come.


We are committed to our farmers, it’s not only our success but our legacy too. Our passion for our farmers is our strong commitment for their safety, security, and healthy environment for the place we work.

Details of our business lines


Value Chain

we currently hold three generations in the agribusiness sector. Our business model is based on delivering and processing raw materials closer to our clienteles.


our sugar plantations around Malang and Blitar have been handed down from generation to generation, along with our expertise in farming. It has over 30,000 hectares of land under sugar. Through our cooperative, Pernets, our farmers implement sustainable farming practices, nurturing the land to prevent erosion and enhance the quality of the soil.

Tea Tree Oil

Our plantation supplies world’s largest Tea Tree Oil(cajuput) company in Southeast Asia. We are currently establishing our tea tree plantation in East Java. We are planting tea tree (Melaleuca cajuputi) on the marginal lands to stabilize the soils and reduce soil erosion. Our farmers pick the leaves and bring the freshly plucked leaves to our distillation facility. We produce a high-quality oil in line with market needs.


our molasses is processed into high quality pharmaceutical grade ethanol.


We are now developing sugar mills to process our sugar cane more economically, as the mills we are currently supplying were constructed in 1920’s and although they have been rehabilitated over time, they are still inefficient.

Compostable packaging

instead of burning the bagasse to fuel the burner, we are processing the bagasse to produce decomposable packaging that will replace plastic Styrofoam packaging that cannot be readily composted. Our environmentally sustainable pulping facility can produce a range of packaging shapes and sizes. Our potential partnership with a leading eco-friendly packaging company. Our factory will be built around our sugar mills in Malang.

Refined sugar

our cooperative receives are range of products from the refining process. This includes refined sugar, brown sugar, molasses, and bagasse. We are able to offer significant volumes of refined and brown sugar.


Our coffee is farmed in the Gayo highlands of Northern Sumatra and the Mount Kawai region of East Java.

Through our farmer cooperative in the Gayo highlands, we can source high quality Arabica coffee, that is processed from red cherries to high quality premium green beans ready to export through our dedicated processing facilities. We are producing fully washed wet hulled, honey and natural green beans. Our partner roasting facility in Medan can supply a range of roast coffees depending on the clientele’s need.

On Mt Kawai, in areas above 1100 meters, our farmers are growing high quality, sustainable forest Arabica coffee. A range of distinct coffee varieties are grown to provide a range of profiles. On the lower slopes of Mt Kawai, we currently have about 500 hectares of Robusta coffee varieties and are expanding the plantation area over the time.

Ongoing projects

Hybrid Chili seed production in partnership with East West Seeds
Virgin Coconut Production with Aluan
Household solar lighting systems for off grid communities
Restoration of degraded rangelands
Vanila tradings

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