what we do

Our Sustainability – we aim to run our business responsibly, and make sure that
accountability is taken in generations to come.

Our focus – we work to our strengths in the sugar, coffee, and minyak cajuput (tea tree oil) industries.

Details of our business lines

Sugar – our sugar plantations around Malang and Blitar have been handed down from
generation to generation, along with our expertise in farming.

Processing bagasse into biodegradable packaging – bagasse is a waste product of sugar production, it is often burnt. We now use bagasse to replace non-biodegradable Styrofoam. Our potential partnership with a leading eco-friendly packaging company. Our factory will be built around our sugar mills in Malang.

Coffee – our coffee is farmed in the Gayo highlands of Northern Sumatra and the Mount
Kawai region of East Java.

Tea Tree Oil – Our plantation supplies world’s largest Tea Tree Oil(cajuput) company in South East Asia

Value Chain – we currently holdĀ  three generations in the agribusiness sector. Our business
model is based on delivering and processing raw materials closer to our clienteles.